Main issues raised and general objectives
  • Management of construction waste is an important issue for the construction industry because it must meet the requirements of sustainable development and particularly that related to the environmental impact. Reuse of recycled demolition / deconstruction materials can limit the extraction of raw materials and thus contribute to the preservation of natural aggregate deposits whose exploitation is increasingly complex and subject to strong regulatory constraints. Waste recycling from construction site also reduces energy and environmental impacts related to transportation. It is also an important economic issue because this issue is becoming more prevalent in the market.
  • The construction sector, increasingly sensitive to issues related to the preservation of the environment, are working on the future of concrete at the end of life of buildings. A total of about 300 million tons of building waste are produced each year in France. Among this construction waste, only a small portion of concrete is recycled, mainly for road construction. However, in other European countries, recycled concrete from the deconstruction crushed aggregates are already used in the formulation of new concrete.

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Link with national project RECYBETON
  • ECOREB project aims primarily to change the trend at the national level, addressing scientific issues associated with the use of crushed concrete aggregate as constituent of new concrete. This project is part of the national research RECYBETON (complete recycling of concrete), whose objective is to find a solution to recycle each cubic meter of concrete deconstructed as a direct or indirect concrete component.